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Father’s Day is just around the corner, do you know what you’re getting your Dad? Get creative this year, forget the neck tie or t-shirt. Don’t you want to get your father something he’ll be truly excited about? Something he wouldn’t splurge on himself? We’ve got just the thing(s) that will make this Father’s Day gift your best one yet! Check out some of our top picks we know Dad will love.

1) 360° Portable LED Expandable Boomstick Work Light

This heavy duty work light is going to last your father for years to come thanks to its sturdy build and long-lasting integrated LED lights. The LEDs boast a lifetime of approximately 50,000 hours while only using 48W of power. Not to worry – the energy efficiency of this powerful work light does not compromise the light output. The Boomstick offers a whopping 3500 lumens and 5000K of bright white light, perfect for illuminating a large space with no overhead lighting.

boomstick 360 led work light
360° Portable LED Expandable Boomstick Work Light

Your father will love the 360° light spread of the Boomstick for all his home improvement projects as well as the 5.5’ power cord that will allow him to reach far away wall sockets. The Boomstick is IP54 rated, meaning that it will withstand the harsh outdoor elements for years to come. The tripod is adjustable, and reaches maximum height of 60”. Its included shoulder strap allows for comfortable light-weight portability.

Construction worker carrying boomstick work light
Lightly padded shoulder strap allows you to transport your work light with ease.

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2) Ultra-Bright LED Portable Work Light

Pretty sure your father has never seen a work light like this before. It is smaller in size when compared to the Boomstick, but still mighty powerful with its cool-to-touch 1900 lumen LED output and 5000K colour temperature.Perfect for all of the home renovation projects that your father surely has on his to-do list, this work light is weather resistant with its IP54 rating. It includes four integrated magnets that will stick to virtually any metal surface, allowing Dad to install this work light out of the way of his workspace. Its tilting head will allow your father to direct the beam spread where he needs it most.

Globe Electric Ultra Bright Rechargeable Magnetic LED Work Light
Globe Electric Ultra Bright Rechargeable Magnetic LED Work Light

The built-in USB charging port lets you charge your electronics while working – perfect for your on-the-go Dad who needs to stay plugged-in and powered up! Running on a rechargeable mAh li-ion battery, this work light allows for approximately 8 hours of continuous powerful light. With this awesome work light, you are gifting your father with a full work day of wireless illumination – pretty impressive! We know dad will think so.

Work Light with USB charging port
The convenient USB port allows you to charge your devices on the go.

Available on and Houzz.

3) 2-in-1 LED Integrated Work Light and Flashlight

So, with this little guy, you are pretty much getting Dad two gifts this year. The 2-in-1 LED Integrated Work Light and Flashlight also comes equipped with a powerful magnet, allowing your father to install it on any nearby metal surface. Not only is it wireless, it is extremely lightweight for easy portability. Dad can keep this work light anywhere for easy access – from the glove compartment of his truck, to his tool box!

2 in 1 LED work light and flash light
Globe Electric LED Integrated 2-in-1 Work Light and Flashlight

This work light can be conveniently hung by its 360° swivelling hook to give the beam spread full mobility, hand-held in order use it as a flashlight to illuminate hard-to-reach places, or propped upright using its collapsible base. Your father will appreciate this handy little device in a power outage, as it is powered using three AAA batteries (sold separately). This light is going to serve Dad well for years to come, as the integrated 5000K LEDs last approximately 10 years.

LED 2-in-1 Work Light and Flashlight with Hook
Conveniently hang or install upright to provide light where you need it most.

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So, how do you decide? They are all awesome Father’s Day gifts.

If your father often works in large dark spaces in need of a great deal of bright white light, or is in the midst of painting or a construction project, the 360° Portable LED Expandable Boomstick Work Light will not disappoint. As it is electrically powered, Dad is guaranteed a reliable source of light, both indoors and outdoors all day long.

360° Portable LED Expandable Boomstick Worklight, 48 Watts, 3500 Lumens, Red Fin
The Boomstick work light is perfect for illuminating large dark spaces

Perhaps your father will most appreciate the variety of functional features offered in the Ultra-Bright LED Work Light. Equipped with the heavy-duty magnet, rechargeable long-lasting battery and USB charging ports, you are gifting your father with the answer to every handy man’s prayers!

magnetic work light in a basement workshop
The heavy-duty magnets allow you to install the Ultra-Bright LED Work Light on any metal surface.

Finally, maybe what your father is really missing is that multipurpose tool that he can keep in his truck or tool box? Our 2-in-1 LED Integrated Work Light and Flashlight is the perfect gadget to have on hand at all times. Whether your father finds himself in a power outage and needs a trusty emergency flashlight, or is working in a dark environment where he needs a bright handsfree lighting option, this all-in-one work light has got him covered.

LED work light hung under hood of truck
Keep this work light on hand at all times, and be ready for any unexpected situation.

Happy Father’s Day to all your incredible Dads! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more awesome lighting tips, tricks, ideas and new product launches. Like us on Facebook, and reach out to us at any time with your Globe Electric product inquiries.

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