Montreal Industrial Styled Hotspot ft. Globe Electric Lighting

Montreal’s unique architectural style is the result of two consecutive colonisations by the French and the British, with a hint of modern influence from the south. Today, when you observe the cityscape, you will see some of our beloved industrial landmarks such as the Farine Five Roses sign or the Lachine Canal, surrounded by ultra-modern skyscrapers. For over 150 years, Montreal was the industrial and financial hub of Canada, and has come to be characterized by this harmonious joining of the old and the new.

Montreal Industrial Cityscape

The blending of our city’s past and present has continued to influence the Montreal fashionistas, architects and designers. Walking the city, you can observe this pairing in condo projects, store fronts, and most prominently, in restaurant design.  

Montreal has been blessed with an abundance of celebrity chefs such as Antonio Park and Chuck Hughes, who have brought an overwhelming selection of gourmet eateries. So many of these restaurants have incorporated the same mixing of old and new by which this city has come to be characterized.

Rustic Industrial Vintage Interior Design

Strolling through Little Burgundy, one of Montreal’s famous foodie neighbourhoods, we came across Restaurant Chō. Peeking into the window, we thought we recognized the nostalgic glow of our Vanity Vintage Bulbs hanging from our 2-in-1 Vintage Industrial Pendants. Sure enough, Chō’s beautiful tin ceilings were indeed adorned with our products – we just NEEDED to capture them in this perfectly styled vintage industrial setting. Notice the mixing of materials – the tin, rustic wood accents, and exposed industrial piping.

Vintage Industrial exposed socket Pendant with red fabric covered cord

We love how they opted to mix in some of our red fabric covered cord exposed socket pendants with the black ones for a bold pop of colour in an otherwise neutral space. Did you know that this minimalist pendant light is extremely functional? They can be hardwired for a long-lasting look or plugged in for versatility. Several of our 2-in-1 Pendants also feature a rotary switch to easily turn the light fixture on and off.

Exposed Socket Pendants and Vintage Edison Bulbs

It is difficult to capture in a photograph, but the way the incandescent Vintage Edison Bulbs glowed onto their tin tiled ceiling added such a special décor element to this rustic industrial styled space.

Incandescent Vintage Edison Vanity Bulb on Exposed Industrial Socket Pendant

A close up of our Vintage Edison Bulb – notice each of the hand strung filaments woven to create the “squirrel cage” filament design for these globe shaped bulbs. Curious to create your own custom look for your home? Change this bulb to any of our other E26 based bulbs for a completely different look – this industrial pendant can be adapted to enrich virtually any space.

Rustic Industrial Vintage Lighting

Not only has Chō done a fantastic job showcasing Globe Electric lighting products, their interior design perfectly captures the distinct Montreal aesthetic of marrying the old with the new, creating a warm nostalgic ambience for their guests to enjoy.

P.S.: When you get the chance to visit this Montreal gem, you are DEFINITELY going to want to try Chō’s bao buns – they are to die for!!!