Globe ensures the fair treatment of any worker who has had a hand in creating the product you bring into your home, and we would never have it any other way. By enforcing these standards, we are doing our part to positively impact the world in a small way.
Globe believes in and enforces:

  • – Fair wages; each worker receives overtime compensation and no worker is paid under minimum wage
  • – Health insurance for all workers
  • – A child’s right to development and education; children belong in schools, not factories
  • – Discrimination, harassment and abuse free environment
  • – Freedom of association
  • – Safe and healthy work environments
  • – Environmentally responsible work practices

Globe Electric is committed to conducting its worldwide business in an ethical and socially responsible manner. Our Social Compliance Policy aims to improve both our social and environmental impact in the communities that we do business with throughout the world.

As part of this policy, audits are conducted regularly on every factory without prior notice. Globe will only award a contract to a factory once an audit has been performed, and if a violation of our Social Compliance Policy is discovered, we reserve the right to terminate any existing contract or purchase order with the supplier. An integral part of these audits is randomly sampling employees for confidential interviews to evaluate working conditions at the facility.