“The story of Globe Electric is a deep legacy of innovation whose bright spark took place in 1932. Since then, The Creative Energy Company has grown to establish itself as an inventive outfit of passion, dedication and drive. We owe our longevity to our constant re-thinking of how to elevate the ordinary to the outstanding, developing products tailored to the needs of our retailers, partners and consumers. There is no secret: we are fully devoted to doing what we love. This is our Story.”

  • 1932
    Jack Weinstein founds Globe Electric on Montreal’s Historic St-Laurent boulevard as a wholesaler and distributor of electrical accessories to contractors, commercial operations and retailers.
  • 1962
    With the passing of Jack, Jack’s son Sonny takes over and directs the company.
  • 1975
    Sonny’s son Edward, the first of the third generation Weinsteins and the first of four sons who will later join the company, enters the business.
  • 1986
    The Globe brand is nationally launched in Canada. Globe’s account base starts to transform to major Canadian retailers.
  • 1990
    Sonny Weinstein passes away, his illustrious legacy is carried forward by his son Edward Weinstein, taking the helm as new CEO of the Creative Energy Company.
  • 1996
    Globe expands to Hong Kong and opens a wholly owned subsidiary Keystore International Inc. This significant move allows Globe to be closer to the manufacturing base.
  • 1998
    Globe is awarded an exclusive contract for Central America’s much needed energy saving program. Globe wins the contract to supply 3 million energy saving light bulbs after competing with 26 companies from 15 different countries.
  • 2002
    Globe recognizes the need to upgrade their brand look to be able to compete internationally. A new brand is created and launched in May and positions Globe as the Creative Energy Company® supplying bright solutions.™ to retailers vis-à-vis packaging, merchandising and complete customer satisfaction.
  • 2004
    Globe Electric Company (U.S.A.) Inc. is created and sales offices in Atlanta, Boston and Chicago are opened to serve Globe’s rapidly expanding U.S. customer base. Globe also opens warehouse in Carson, California.
  • 2005
    Keystore International enters into a joint venture partnership with two manufacturing facilities for lighting and electrical products in China. This joint venture represents a major strategic shift in how Globe sources and gives more exclusive control over manufacturing.
  • 2006
    The west wing of Globe’s head office in Montreal doubles in size to add creative energy workspaces as well as a 7,500 sq. ft. showroom to display their strengths in product and merchandising. “The Innovation Center” is born, instantly gaining traction within the company as a creative business hub, innovating in all directions to further grow the company’s reputation through the planned production of exciting new consumer products.
  • 2009
    LED for Life brand is launched providing innovative LED lighting solutions across our product categories. The brand is a success based on company investments in R&D.
  • 2013
    Globe launches Online Division to better serve retailers in their e-commerce initiatives. Globe Product Development expands, as the company positions itself as a best in class provider of innovative Lighting and Electrical products.
  • 2014
    To reflect its forward thinking product line, Globe undergoes a brand refresh along with contemporary packaging concepts for its entire product line.
  • today

    Globe is committed to the creation of better or more effective products, processes, technologies and ideas that affect our markets and society. We recognize the value of corporate social responsibility and support causes that are important to our customers and employees.

    Our mission is to bring the passion and energy that has been the cornerstone of the company since 1932 to every aspect of our business. We continually work to earn our place as a supplier of choice for our consumers and our retail partners.