Manufacturing Expertise

Specializing in the design and manufacture of Light Bulbs, Luminaries, and Electrical products, Globe has over 20 production facilities primarily located in southern China.

each year globe produces:

over 75 million light bulbs(enough to light up all of New York State)
over 50,000 miles of electrical power cable(enough to wrap around the entire earth)
over 5 million luminaries(that’s two for every resident of Chicago)


The cornerstone of our Social and Environmental Responsibility program is our Workplace Code of Conduct. Our Code is based on International Labor Organization (ILO) core labor standards and requires compliance with the country laws where our factories operate.



Applying rigorous standards with regards to quality control and assurance, as well as social compliance, Globe adheres to the strictest global standards in the production of branded and private label products. Independent third party testing and auditing helps ensure compliance and accountability, enabling Globe to provide the most comprehensive product warranties in the industry while maintaining the strictest standards of ethical treatment of workers and labor standards that go over and above local labor laws.


At Globe we continuously push ourselves to lead an examined life and improve social and environmental conditions. Our Code of Conduct outlines our policies on the following: forced labor, child labor; harassment, abuse and violence; nondiscrimination; health and safety; freedom of association and collective bargaining; wages and benefits; hours of work; overtime compensation; women’s, disabled persons’, ethnic minorities’ and U.S. veterans’ rights; the environment; quality; subcontracting; and compliance with the law.


We track the minimum or prevailing wages of each country in which we make products and work toward a higher, fair or living wage in our costing negotiations with the factory. As a result of our social audit engagements, frequent visits to the factory by internal staff and third party auditors, many of our factories already pay above minimum wage to some or all of their workers. We are committed to achieving a fair wage for all people who make Globe products.